Live the Dream, Eat Pancakes

It is almost three years ago that I left my job as database manager to become a Pancake Adventurer.

‘So you’re not ready for the real life yet.’ concluded my friend who just got a fancy job in finance.
‘If working 60 hours a week is the real life, I think I’ll just start living the dream.’ I haven’t left yet or I am filled with cheesy traveler’s wisdom

Before I started my travel, I imagined I would have 30 hours a day to fill. So I downloaded ebooks about photography, writing, directing, psychology, the history of knitting, the uselessness of stick insects and everything we don’t know about the universe. I had the complete works of Dostajevski and James Joyce. I installed Duolingo to learn Spanish, anticipating for a next travel to South America and I signed up for the Code Academy. There was no second of the day that would go to waste. I was fully prepared for all that spare time I had to fill when I would be sitting all bored on a beach.

In the end I was too busy adding value to my life and experiencing new things coming everyday. All ebooks stayed unopened.

The craving for adventure became an addiction. The real travel bug. This forced me to step out of my comfort zone and to embrace every annoying or dangerous situation as a new story. Bit by bit I became as ‘yes man’. If someone suggested to join him or her, I would join and see where I stranded. Sometimes it was boring, but it was always surprising. And sometimes the boring situations are more interesting in hindsight. Still I was looking for real purpose. I wanted to inspire, I wanted to do good, but mostly I had the misplaced search of approval to my friends back home that I was adding value, while living the dream.

Follow my adventures from a database manager to a pancake traveler!

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