Kapadokya, where I didn’t make pictures of the hot air balloons, but a lot of other people did

The Australian woman in the bus to Kapadokya was a former employer at the administration department of a university who threw her whole life upside down when she got fired at the age of 58. ‘My girls got married and my husband is dead.’ I am happy for her and for myself that I didn’t wait until 58. We arrived in the early morning and decided to have breakfast together. I love Turkish breakfast with feta, olives, honey, fruit, bread. I probably forgot some other delicacies that are unknown in a Dutch frugal breakfast. After breakfast we didn’t take a selfie, she didn’t hint for my Facebook account nor did she start following me on Instagram and Snapchat was something we both hadn’t heard of yet. Like ships in the night. Like the old days. 

Hugo was my new couchsurf host. The best choice so far. He was French and absolutely fat, he had a beard and long grey hair. But he was the best guy (not that his description might suggest otherwise, I’ve never met a mean fat, grey French guy before). He didn’t say much. He just sat and listened to your story. And when you finished a sentence and left a silence for him to reply he said he understood. It was impossible to feel uncomfortable at his place. His house was always filled with Turkish Youngsters and international couchsurfers for parties. Especially the hyperactive Rastaturk Jenner was good for the atmosphere.

Kapadokya is beautiful and on the UNESCO list and consequently in every Chinese travel guide. One moment you might be amazed by beauty and a moment later you walk into a flock of Chinese tourists aiming their Canons at a rock in the shape of a camel. The great thing about Kapadokya is that it’s so big that there are many places which aren’t covered in the travel guides. I rented a mountain bike and went to Gomere Valley.

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