Back to Kabak

The next day Noella and her guys go back to Kabak. I stay alone in my kingdom.

I swim, I climb on rocks, I walk, I swim, I sit, I wait. Nothing is happening. I have to entertain myself, but how? The road to complete Zen is long and boring.

At night I play backgammon with Fatma and the camping owner. Because we don’t have reception and I haven’t downloaded a dictionary, I can only say: ‘yes’. ‘tesekular.’ or ‘çok güzel.’ After losing five games of Backgammon it is time to go to bed. It’s not even ten.

I hike back. It’s a full day of walking along beautiful cliffs and forest. A twenty K backpack on my back and a forty °C sun on my head. I’ll be in Kabak soon. I will treat myself on a cold Efes. This thought keeps me cool.

The hippie Turks are really kind. They invite me to go swimming to a cave where we smoke weed. But as kind as they are, so bad is their English and my Turkish. So I am just nodding along. Fortunately everybody is stoned and nobody really understands what anyone’s saying. They finally know how I feel.

I am bored. Compared to two days ago I feel terrible. Nothing left of that happy high. Nonetheless, it’s great to have a designated happiest moment of your life. In case anyone asks or questions you.

If you can’t enjoy your time with the people who surround you it’s better to be alone on a cliff staring at the sea, or to just move on to the dry rocks in Kapadokya.

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