About Pancake Adventures

A guy and his frying pan

Pancakes and the joy of sharing

In an era of globalisation and cultural friction, Pancake Adventures strives to be an ambassador of joy. Making people realize that we don’t always have to solve poverty or cure diseases to be meaningful, but that we can create meaning by giving something as small and simple as a pancake. By organizing Pancake Adventures around the world we hope to transcend boundaries and explain a humble concept of humanity – nationalities, ethnicities and religions aside, after all we cherish the simple pleasures of life.

But to see what Pancake Adventures is really about just see the two video’s. It’s about Pancakes, Adventures and the beautiful people I met on my journey.

Thanks to Mandy Tay, for the video and for the perpetuate inspiration along the way!

To learn more about my adventures, just read my blog or ask me to talk at your dinner party.