What's this hype all about?

Pancakes and the joy of giving

To see what Pancake Adventures is all about just see the two video’s. It’s about Pancakes, Adventures and the beautiful people I met on my journey.
(thanks to Mandy Tay, for the video and for the inspiration along the way!)
2014 started pretty empty. I had to leave my house, couldn’t find the job I liked and couldn’t get the love I wanted. So I decided to take a bit time off. I looked on the map and thought: I’ll go as far east as I can go. With the money I saved I thought I would approximately be able to travel for 6 months. After 6 months I hadn’t even spend half my budget and two and a half years later I returned with just as much money as I left with.
A great part of the money saving comes from the kindness of other people. Everywhere, from day one, people helped me out by letting me sleep on their couch, giving me a ride, cooking for me or sometimes just by forcing me money down my throat.
I was so overwhelmed by this selfless kindness that I decided I had to do something back. So I started making Dutch pancakes for my friends. After three months of doing my couchsurf profile was filled with pancake references. Mandy asked me: “why are you traveling with a frying pan?” I told her a bit confused: ‘I am not traveling with a frying pan.’ and then a bit more delighted: ‘But I definitely should!’ And so started my first Pancake Adventure on a construction site in Dubai.

Soon I discovered how much you get back when you give. Everywhere people wanted to help me organizing a pancake party. You get to places you normally wouldn’t go, you meet people that otherwise keep their doors closed and most of all it fills you and everybody around you with lots of positive energy. There is no ideology or higher purpose. Giving is a very selfish thing to do, and how awesome that nature built us this way. With Pancake Adventures I am not saving lives I just want to spread positive vibes around the world, with something as simple as a pancake.I am now temporarily back in Amsterdam. Writing and dreaming about old and new adventures. Get inspired!