Pancakes and the joy of giving

Pancakes have always been a symbol of joy in my family. I remember my brother and I making big piles of pancakes for family parties since we were very young. So why not spreading that joy to other people.

At June 2nd, I left Amsterdam for a journey without a plan and looking for a purpose. This purpose came after three months when Mandy asked me why I was traveling with a frying pan. She saw on my couchsurfing profile that I always made pancakes for my hosts to thank them. I told her a bit confused: ‘I am not traveling with a frying pan.’ and then a bit more delighted: ‘But I definitely should!’ And so started my first Adventure on a construction site in Dubai.

Soon I discovered how much you get back when you give. Everywhere people wanted to help me organizing a pancake party. You get to places you normally wouldn’t go, you meet people that otherwise keep their doors closed and most of all it fills you and everybody around you with lots of positive energy. There is no ideology or higher purpose. Giving is a very selfish thing to do, and how awesome that nature built us this way. With Pancake Adventures I am not saving lifes I just want to spread positive vibes all around the world, with something simple as a pancake.

Looking back on the first part of my travel, I am actually very proud and it gives me so much energy to continue my pursuit of spreading positivity. Just take a look at my Pancake Adventures and get inspired to travel differently or to throw somebody a pancake party.

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