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    Adventure on a Karachi Market

      ‘Do you really have to go to Pakistan?’ Not only my mother was worried, almost everybody I spoke to advised me not to go to this place where terrorist attacks were a dai...

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    Dubai Adventure

    As I’m standing on the moving sidewalk, soothing jazz paralyzing my brains, I look down on a giant construction site near the Burj Khalifa. Like in the movie Metropolis, hund...

  • Meet the blue for life crew.

    Golden Pancakes at the Golden Temple

    I met with Gurjit in a restaurant that was top choice according to the Lonely Planet, so it said on the window. Gurjit had a long black beard, wore a blue turban, a long blue coat,...

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    Happy Pancakes

    After a terrible bus ride and another horrible one I eventually arrive in Gokarna. I take a tuktuk to Om Beach, and walk straight on to the last resort for no particular reason. Pr...

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17th of December 2016 12:38 PM Link
11th of December 2016 02:28 AM Link
27th of November 2016 06:37 AM Link
Back to flipping flaps at the bondi markets with this world champion pancake flipper. Per van Duijn & Willem Karel Hendrik Dieleman
14th of October 2016 08:20 AM Link
Last month I was in Bario Broadway, a neighborhood in Rizal, near Manila. It was a crazy atmosphere with a constant stream of kids running and cheering and laughing. Hope the video puts a smile on your face too. With the amazing help of Ela Isa Remedios Gonzales Payumo Elsa Payumo Gab Payumo Muega Thanks again for making this possible!

No Frills Cumbia Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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14th of October 2016 01:00 AM Link
When I was hiking the Rinjani Mountain with my brother I came across the guys from The Perks Of Being Twenty. Being on the verge of turning thirty I was still in their group of interest. They interviewed me about being twenty. Being thirty now, my answers sound naive but still extremely wise.
5th of September 2016 01:04 PM Link
Flippin Filipinos!!
In Bario Broadway millions of kids were running around, while in the back a group of guys continued their daily basketball match. We made a big pile of 150 pancakes. And it was gone within 30 minutes. Truly one of my greatest Adventures! This would have all been impossible if it wasn't for Ela Isa and her lovely family who are treating me like one of their own (or actually better).
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2nd of September 2016 05:48 AM Link
At the Kupu kupu Foundation I showed that everyone can flip pancakes. It is a beautiful place. If you ever go to Ubud, stay at the Kupu-kupu Bungalows: beautiful, affordable but above all you support the organization by creating jobs and income.
31st of July 2016 07:00 AM Link
(from my journal December 2014) Every day of the Annapurna trek is just a continuum of beauty. It doesn’t get boring one second. The landscape changes every day you rise higher to the top. At High Camp, the last stop before the top, I meet a Nepalese guy named Oms. He took his Mountain Bike to the top to later downhill all the way. I tried and failed sliding down on my frying pan.
Om is an amazing guy. He invited me for numerous trips when we were in Pokhara. So much hospitality that you wonder what he wants in return, but he never asked for anything other than good company.
Now more than a year after the earthquake he is still working his ass of to rebuild his beautiful country. His great network of international friends allows him to build a big team of volunteers. It is such a shame that people like Om don’t become the head of a totalitarian regime.
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30th of July 2016 07:00 AM Link
(from my journal december 2014) I headed of for the Annapurna Circuit. It was about 14 days. If you are traveling solo, I can highly advise you not to take a guide. There are so many people on this trek, you will never get bored. I met a great Colombian guy named Julio. He was traveling with a coffee filter attached to his backpack. Later I met Jibn. You can read the remarkable story on Story of my World.
29th of July 2016 07:00 AM Link
(from my journal december 2014) After a lovely two weeks home I flew to Kathmandu. I wandered around the streets and was surprised how peaceful this chaos felt. The smell, the people, the buildings, everything was just right. I bought proper gear and took a bus to the first village of the Annapurna Circuit. I am a stubborn solo traveler and take no advice of any local telling me to take a guide or a tourist bus. So when I arrived I looked around. I was alone. I had no place to stay and no idea where to go. I asked the first guy in the streets. “Follow me, it is a 30 minutes walk to my home, it is nearby the village you wanna go, do you have a head torch?” I didn’t, but he became my light in darkness for the time being. We arrived at his house at a peaceful village of what I could see of it. He was 25 years old and had been working in Qatar most of the time to support his wife and 2 daughters he barely saw. His apartment was three by two meters. He made me instant noodle and we talked all night quietly to not wake up his his daughters. The next day I felt so grateful I wanted to give him money, even though I knew this was a bit rude. I couldn’t accept it any longer that people who had barely enough money to send their kids to school, would go out their way to give me a full meal and a roof above my head.
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